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Beartooth Ranch Testimonials

Absolutely love having my 3 horses here. They thrived in the hay pastures. The staff is so kind and helpful. I feel like they go above and beyond to make sure you and your horse family alike are well taken care of. The facility itself is amazing. The trails are beautiful. I wish I would have found this place sooner! – Ali B. Nov 20, 2017


“Celebrating 10 years of wonderful boarding at Beartooth Ranch! Thanks for all you do for our horses & the boarders. I can’t imagine keeping Jesse (& Graphic, he’ll be back) anywhere else!” – C.A.S.  11/2017


“I board my three horses here and just went for the first ride this Spring. Absolutely love it here. It is so beautiful with the views of the Beartooths and wildlife. My horses are not going to want to come home either because I’m positive they love it also. The managers Matt and Anna are an added bonus and really make the place special.” – Ann S. 4/4/2017


“As I have heard others describe it is a magical place. The camaraderie and friendships make this ranch far more than just a riding stable.” – Jen R. 1/24/2017


“Love the ranch, employees, and awesome care of my horse. People are great and friendly, and always someone to ride out with!” – Lynette L. 9/26/2016


“A very nice place to board and ride your horse. Quiet area, wildlife everywhere and the horses are their first priority. +20,000 acres to ride on! Heaven here on earth for you and your horse. Just saddle up and ride!” – Sarah K. 4/9/2014


“A fantastic place! We have had our 5 horses there for 3 years! I love having my horses in a place where they are so happy and safely watched when I can’t be around. Every person who works there is awesome!” – Sarah S. 3/27/2014


“My favorite place. I love riding there and everyone is so friendly. I wouldn’t keep my horses anywhere else.” – Megan M. 10/22/2013


“Nice place to board a horse, nice facility, lots of beautiful acres to ride. Care for the horses is second to none.” Clint E. November 2017


“A Beautiful ranch, excellent staff, and quality horse care for an unbeatable price.” – Emily B. December 2017


“Love the new electric gates and all the freedom you get.” – Cindy R. 11/16/15


“An excellent horse facility! Matt and Anna are wonderful people who help make the ranch atmosphere even more pleasant!” – Lacey C. 11/19/2016


This ranch is managed by fantastic people who really care about you and your horses, and they maintain it very conscientiously.” – Vicki F. 1/22/2016


“Absolutely love this place! Great facilities, kind people, over 15k acres of riding trails, and great rates! What more could you ask for?? 🙂 ” – Cassidy G. 11/21/2016


Awesome facility from the fences to the shelters, the people, the trails…and the river runs through it!” – Cori C. 3/9/2016


“My Horses love it there, 200 acres pasture, 50 other horses to play with, and a Staff that is courteous and polite. This is the second winter I’ve brought my horses to Beartooth Ranch, I highly recommend it to anyone. #PeaceofMind” – Mark L. Oct 11, 2017


“We just recently moved to Montana, have been so missing our horses trying to get established. We finally got our horses here at Beartooth Ranch. Our boys love it! Such a quiet, calm area, facilities, staffing, riding areas, arenas, did I mention the staff? What a great experience for our boys and us! I will recommend Beartooth Ranch to anyone! Thank all the staff for welcoming us in. – Joneil N. Oct 19, 2017


“My favorite thing about Beartooth Ranch is that as you drive in to the ranch, blue birds dance in front of your car the whole way down! Me and my horse are soooo happy here at this place. When you leave refreshed and ready for anything, it’s medicinal! I love you all, and thank you for letting me be part of your beautiful ranch!” – Brenda F. Oct 29, 2017


“We’ve made so many new friends at Beartooth Boarding & Riding” – Sue A. (prior t0 2014)


“There is peace of mind knowing that there is always someone close by to keep an eye on them (the horses).”– Darlee S.


“Your special rides and feeds are so much fun.” – Sue A.


I could not find a better place to board my horses than at Beartooth Boarding & Riding.” – Crow B.


“I love the ranch serenity, Oh My, Yes!” – Julie O.


“Best facility I’ve ever been to and I am extremely happy and so grateful to have found this Horse and Rider Paradise.” – Sylvia L.


My horse has never been happier now that he is at Beartooth Boarding & Riding.” – Karen S.


“Having our horses at Beartooth Boarding & Riding is like having your own personal retreat.” – Sara F.


“In early October, Sylvia Lee of Billings moved her horse Snickers to the Beartooth. From day one she’s been overwhelmed with the wide variety of riding opportunities.  “For people who want to pleasure ride, they couldn’t find a better place,” she said.   http://billingsgazette.com/business/beartooth-ranch-going-natural-adds-horse-boarding-riding-facility/article_f1bf4f13-c393-5f8d-aa00-27e6f884dac6.html


“If I had to use one word to describe Beartooth Ranch it would be quiet. Although it is a busy working ranch with about 150 boarded horses, when I come here I find the solitude I am seeking. Boarding a horse here is as close as I will ever get to buying my own 15,000 acre ranch. I have unfettered access to mountain trails, a river, and several nice arenas. And the people here are friendly and not intrusive. If you want to ride with a group you can find people. If you prefer to ride by yourself you can ride alone. Maybe most important of all, I trust the staff to take pride in their work and to care for my horse. It’s definitely worth the drive.” – Donna V. 8/26/2017


“Thank you so much for your incredibly hard work in growing and putting up hay for the horses at Beartooth Ranch! Matt Lambert just mentioned to me in passing that he had baled 5,000 bales of hay in the past three days and had been up until 9:30 or 10 each night doing so. All the crew at the Ranch are so inspiring to me and do such a wonderful job of caring for the many horses.  I do not know if people know how exacting haying is and how the weather has to be just right and how very labor-intensive it is. One definition of integrity is doing the right thing when no one is there to notice. At Beartooth Ranch you epitomize integrity and on behalf of Mel and all his equine friends who adore the fantastic hay you grow and feed, thank you so very much for your unparalleled excellence! – Caroline R. June 27, 2017


Absolutely horse heaven. Eyes on horses daily so you can travel with no worries. Work with horse owners to customize care. Can’t say anything negative! Been here since 2009.” – Becky C. 8/11/17  She gives us 5 stars on the form as well


The Beartooth Ranch has it all – meadows, extreme trails, rolling hills, rivers and creeks. In a little over 3 years, I have logged 3,700 miles on the Beartooth Ranch. The Beartooth Ranch is family – you are surrounded by like-minded folks, that love their steeds as much as you love your own. While I love riding in the mountains, with 15,000 acres to ride – just a few miles from home – I am guaranteed a place to ride my mule, year round. Beau and I love this place!” – Robin M.


The Beartooth Ranch is by far the finest, best-managed equine facility at which I have ever boarded, bar none. At one point, I boarded at a stable where Prince Charles came to play polo when he visited the area, so that was a top-notch facility, as well. What makes Beartooth Ranch so exemplary in my mind is the care given to the horses as well as the breath-taking property itself. The Ranch doesn’t exist just to house horses.  One stormy day when it hailed mercilessly, owner Pam Williams rode her horse Shiloh in the downpour to help others rescue borders who were caught in the hailstorm. When I first came to the Ranch, I told Pam that a trainer used to ask me what my goal was for my riding and I said my ultimate goal was to someday be worthy to ride with the Lord; Pam said to me, she thought He is with us now as we ride, and I think that must be true in her case. Last winter, Ranch manager Matt Lambert was personally out in the 17 below zero weather fixing automatic waterers and it took hours. It was all in a day’s work for him. What it takes to grow the absolutely top-quality hay to feed the 150 (or so) horses is a story itself.  I remember watching then Ranch manager Butch Behrent out in the vast hayfields haying on Labor Day and that about says it all. Every horse is checked on and cared for as an individual and that is not just an empty promise. Sometimes it seems like the Ranch staff care more about the horses than some of the owners, as I have seen them step in and provide care that the owners would not, spending their own time and money to do so. My horse, Mel, on one very rainy day, as Kelli was feeding him in the morning, came out of his shed briefly and looked at her and walked back into his shed and peered out at her from inside. She said she has never seen a horse so clearly express a preference as Mel did that day. So, she took the time to feed him in his shed, which he loved. He gives his unqualified, full-scale endorsement of Beartooth Ranch and everyone who knew him before knows and remarks how happy and relaxed he is there. It is indeed an equine paradise and I am very grateful he has found a loving home at Beartooth Ranch. It is a dream come true to board there for us both. I have so many more stories about the wonderful staff, but they needed to be edited to leave space for others to share, as well.” – Caroline R. 7/20/2017