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Beartooth Riding Club

Get ready to saddle up  and ride on the Ranch’s 15,000 beautiful private acres! Our extensive and well maintained trail system has over 80+ miles of trails to explore so every ride is a different adventure. Have fun spotting the abundant wildlife including elk, deer, moose, cranes, turkeys and more while enjoying beautiful views of the mountains, rivers, and valleys. Automatic gates, maps, a GPS smart phone app, and trail signs all make navigating the ranch a breeze. Whether you are taking a relaxing ride with friends, putting miles on a young horse, or going on an all day ride to explore new trails we have you covered. 

For the jumpers, dressage riders, barrel racers, and other competitors our two outdoor arenas offer a great place to practice. The 100 x 200 arena has dressage letters posted and great footing for dressage, cavaletti work, and jumping practice. Our 200 x 300 arena provides more room to practice events like barrel racing or running cowboy mounted shooting patterns. We provide a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere for those practicing or wanting to learn a new event.

You can start enjoying the Ranch trails and arenas in two ways:


Option 1: Board your horse with us.

Trail access and all Ranch amenities are included with board with the exception of the pasture only herd horses. Please see our boarding and amenities tabs for more in depth details on what boarding with us has to offer.

  • No need to trailer your horse to ride so you save time and gas money.
  • Tack room storage means your gear is here and ready to go.
  • Meet new horse friends to ride or carpool with.
  • Be invited to Ranch events and clinics.


Option 2: Join the Beartooth Riding Club

We offer the opportunity to gain access to our 15,000 private acres with 80+ miles of trails through membership in our exclusive riding club. Months are consecutive and you choose the month you want your package to start. Our prices are as follows:

  • $350 for 3 months
  • $500 for 6 months
  • $950 for 1 year
  • Family discounts available

Riding club members also gain access to Ranch amenities and events. Come make new friends and relax in the outdoors while enjoying your horse’s companionship.  You can even truck/trailer-pool with other members to help cut travel costs. Nearly all our trails are pickup accessible in case of emergency which is a nice piece of mind as well, especially for those who like to ride solo.


Beartooth Ranch is a trail rider’s paradise! Saddle up and ride with us!


Follow this link to learn about our Entry Requirements so you can start riding on the Ranch!