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October 2017 Newsletter

Fall is here! The trees and shrubs around the ranch are starting to turn beautiful shades of yellow, amber, and red. The horses have all started to get fuzzy as they grow their thick coats for winter, a sure sign summer is over. It is a lovely time of year to ride with the beautiful colors and cooler temperatures. The wildlife are enjoying the changing seasons as well with the turkeys returning in big flocks to the low land areas, elk rutting, and deer fattening up in the fields for the approaching winter. Don’t miss out on this great time of year to ride!

Everyone had a great time at the horseback games day. We had three different activities including a streamer buddy race, sled pull, and a balloon stick swap. The horses handled the strange items like balloons and sled well and the new arena had plenty of room for everyone. Manager Matt Lambert did a short mounted shooting demo on his horse, Oscar, after the games portion. The chicken fajita lunch we served was a hit as well. For October 28th we are planning a Halloween costume contest with a second horseback games day. We are looking forward to what everyone comes up with for costumes! A soup bar lunch will be served in the lounge to warm everyone up. We hope you can make it to participate or watch the fun!

Fall vet days are approaching quickly with Stillwater Vet will out on the 24th of October and Absarokee Animal Hospital out on Nov 8. We do our best to ensure that the horses at the Ranch are healthy and happy, and staying up to date on vaccinations and worming is an important part of that.  


See you out on the trail!
Matt and the Beartooth Crew 

Thinking about joining our family by bringing your horse to the Beartooth Ranch? Give us a call today to set up a private tour and pick out your paddock or pasture. Your horse will thank you!

Call our manager, Matt, anytime at 406 – 672- 6288 or our Ranch office at 406-322-5386 M-F 9-3