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March 2018 Newsletter

The days are getting longer, the sun stronger, our snow is melting, and spring is right around the corner! The trails will be pretty muddy for awhile as the snow melts, but all this moisture will have the Ranch beautiful and green for Spring. Now is the time to start gradually getting your horses back in shape so they are ready to hit the trails with you in the spring. Horse are just like us, they take awhile to condition after taking the winter off from riding or from decreased use during winter. You will both have more fun, take longer rides, and have decreased injury risk if you start working with your horse ahead of hitting the trails. The indoor arena is a great place to start slowly back into riding while you wait for muddy trails to dry out. Working your horse over the cavaletti poles is an easy way to do more intense work in a shorter period of time and also helps get them picking their feet up better for uneven trails. Not sure how to get started with the cavaletti? Instructor and clinician Edee Weigel is returning to Beartooth Ranch on April 21st for a beginner jumping and ground poles clinic. The hour long sessions will have only 3 riders in each to ensure you get more individual attention and are $60. Sign up with Kathy in the office or talk to Anna.
The Ranch vet spring days are scheduled for April. Stillwater Vet will be here April 10th at 1:00 and Absarokee Animal Hospital will be here April 11th at 2pm. This is a great opportunity to get your required spring vaccinations and worming done while saving on the ranch call out fee. Have those teeth checked too and make sure you aren’t setting yourself up for behavioral issues when you try to start riding your hose. Give your vet a call today and get on their spring schedule. Farriers also get busy at the start of riding season, so don’t wait to make an appointment with them to get your horse’s feet ready for riding.
 See you around the Ranch!
Matt and the Beartooth Crew 




 2018 Events Calendar

 Month  Event  Clinic
 January  Member Chili Cook Off & bonfire Jan 27th @ noon  
 April  Vet Days for Spring Vaccinations: Stillwater Vet 10th @ 1, Absarokee Animal 11th @ 2

Wildflower planting of burial ground: TBA

 Edee Weigel Cavaletti & beginner jumping 21st @ 10am 
 May  Spring BBQ & Poker Ride TBA  
 June Arena Games Day TBA  
 July Summer BBQ & Scavenger Hunt TBA  
 August  Breakfast & Scavenger Hunt TBA  
September Lunch & Poker Ride TBA  
October Vet Days for Fall Vaccinations: TBA

Halloween Costume Contest & Game Day: Oct 27

December  Christmas Social (weather dependent)  


Please see our Office Manager to sign up for clinics. Email info@beartoothranch.com with clinic or event questions.