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Entry Requirements

  • Brand inspection certificate or prove of ownership.
  • Health exam and statement from a certified veterinarian that the horse is in good health and free from infectious disease.
  • Negative test result for EIA (Equine Infectious Anemia)/Coggins Disease.
  • Adequate proof of vaccinations for:  West Nile Virus, Eastern/Western Encephalomyelitis, Influenza, and Rhinopneumonitis (all included in 5 way vaccine).
  • Signed liability releases.
  • First month’s boarding fees.
  • No studs, pregnant mares, non-weaned foals or ill-mannered horses.

*We reserve the right to refuse boarding to any horse that does not meet the health requirements or is deemed unsafe.


Yearly health requirements for horses boarded at the Ranch

  • Horse must be wormed a minimum of twice a year
  • 5 way shot in the spring and its recommended fall booster
  • Hoof care such as trims or new shoes as needed

* Horses who have been taken off premises to an area or show with a known outbreak of a disease such as strangles will be quarantined as we see fit upon return.