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Boarding at The Beartooth Ranch 

When you consider boarding your horse it’s like finding a babysitter for your child. As with your child, you want to make sure the “horse-sitter” will take good care of your horse, keeping them safe, healthy, and well fed. You also want a place where your horse will be happy and enjoy life. Here at the Beartooth Ranch we are serious about the horses that stay with us. We know you are putting your trust in us to make sure that your best friend is well take care of. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff love horses and will treat your horses as if they were their own.


The Ranch believes that horses are happiest and healthiest when they have room to roam so we offer a variety of affordable pasture options.


  1. Free Range Boarding – Our most economical options, the River, Bridge and Retirement pastures, range in size from 40 to 100 acres of grassland and wooded areas with year-round river or creek water, allowing the horses to enjoy the friendship and security of a natural herd setting.  
  •  All horses are observed daily for health
  • Pasture feed is supplemented as needed with high quality, homegrown, horse hay (Straight grass or grass/alfalfa mix) generally in the winter months.
  • Mineral salt licks are provided.


Boarding Only–   Welcome to attend Member events, but without riding privileges, tack space, trailer storage or use   of other amenities

  • $125/month – 50 acre Retirement Pastures


Boarding and Riding–  Included options:  access to riding on Beartooth’ s 15,000 acres, tack storage, free horse trailer storage, use of all amenities (arenas, round pens, etc.) and Member Events

  • $150/month – 100 Acre River Pasture herd


  1. Full Service: Headquarters Boarding and Riding– Included options:  convenience to tack rooms, lounge/restrooms, arenas, wash-downs, access to riding on 15,000 acres, free horse trailer storage, use of all amenities (arenas, round pens, etc.) and Member Events


o   Our grassy pastures near the headquarters and tack rooms average nearly two acres for two horses and include a protective shed, mineral salt lick, and year-round, automatic waterer. Many have a creek running through the pasture and trees. 

o   All horses are fed twice daily with a high quality, homegrown, horse hay (All grass or grass/alfalfa mix)

o   The amount and cut of hay fed is tailored to fit the individual dietary needs of each horse and their owner’s preference.

o   The horses are observed daily for health.

o   The Ranch offers a 10% discount for a Member with three horses or more at a minimum base price of $225/Month.

  • $225/month – Shared Pasture or dry lot   ¾ to 4 acres
  • $250/month – Private 1 horse pasture ½-1 Acre
  • $275/month – Shared pasture or dry lot  near Headquarters 1-5 acres
  • $350/month – Private 1 horse pasture near Headquarters  ½ to 1 Acre

Free Services:

  • Email notification of vet visits, specialists like chiropractors, etc  
  • Horse trailer storage
  • Initial trailering to the Ranch (50 mile radius or Billings area)
  • Interment of deceased horses

Small Fee Services:  The Ranch offers a variety of other services for a small fee, which includes:

  • Feeding supplements or grain provided by owner
  • Hay net or soaking hay
  • Giving medication, worming, ointment
  • Trailering to the vet
  • Holding horses for farrier, vet, etc.
  • Indoor or Open air medical stall care

*The ranch does not remove or apply bandages, give shots, or blanket horses.