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Welcome to the Beartooth Ranch,

We are a premier horse boarding facility located only 45 minutes from Billings along the gorgeous Stillwater River. Get ready to saddle up and ride on our 15,000 private acres of extensive and well maintained trails while enjoying beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife. Whether you are taking a leisurely ride with new friends, logging trail miles, or legging your horse up for competition we have a trail to fit your needs! Our two outdoor and one indoor arena support a variety of equine events in both Western and English disciplines allowing you to practice in a non-competitive atmosphere. Saddle up and ride with us!


When not out enjoying the trails or arenas together your horse will enjoy living in a spacious pasture complete with an automatic waterer, salt block, and a protective shed to get out of the elements. Every horse at the Beartooth enjoys high quality alfalfa grass mix hay grown right here on the ranch. Horses are checked on and fed twice daily by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. If you want your horse to have even more room to roam let them enjoy the natural herd life in our 100 acre pasture group. Happy and healthy horses are our top priority here at the Beartooth. We care for you and your horse like family.

Call us today to become a part of the Beartooth family!

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